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favorite Usher picture? :)

I’ll think about it and post it when I can. 

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Have you ever wondered what young Usher (like 8701/ Confessions) would say about this new Usher (or the Usher that does pop) had he foreseen his future? I don't know if this question even makes sense... but I've been wondering this.. I feel like somewhere along the way he decided to please people rather than be a progressing artist. :/

I have thought about it and I don’t care anymore. He decided to be a follower rather than a leader so that’s on him.

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LOL the fire scared him! 😂

#URXTour 🔥

Usher nearly gets Burned

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Is it only me who doesn't like the grown beard Usher has going on? I don't know I don't like it... it makes him look somehow older... :/ I liked the goatee he had during Confessions... (I'm sorry if this comes off rude. I'm sorry.

I personally like facial hair so it’s not that much of an issue for me. I guess it’s a little more bushy than usual because he’s not doing a public events and is busy rehearsing. Besides I think facial hair frames his face better nowadays. As much as we always talk about how Usher looks younger than his age, there’s something about less facial hair on a man as he gets older that actually ages him. 

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Lmao, he was scared! Ch- why didn’t someone warn Usher before those fire projector things on stage were set off. I’m not here for him being eyebrowless.  

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I was watching some old Usher movies, and tbh I know this may sound like a reach but I feel like he could be good at acting if he really tried. His face is really expressive. Most people use In The Mix as an example but nothing could save that movie.

I only watch those films he’s appeared when i’m in the mood for a gooood throwback (and to look at how fine he is, lol). Other than that, In The Mix is just:


It takes more than having an expressive face to be a talented actor, you need to embody the role. Other stuff like a good script and being under the wing of an excellent director is important too. Which is why I’m interested to see what he can do with Hands of Stone.

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