So the honey nut Cheerios commercial doesn't show the name of my dad's album anymore. You think he's gonna change the name or he asked them to take it out b/c he didn't want to reveal the title yet?

Usher is known to troll his fans so I’m not surprised. iampapito21

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I could see the EYCI being a foundation for building on the platform and layout of the songs selected for this album. But I agree with UR for more reasons than one. I think it gives Usher individuality from the competitors. Their once was talk of it being called XY but I feel UR does him justice to his first Album which is also self titled to his cologne and perfumes to the expression of definant absoluteness in confidence!

I agree. It’ll also be a nice way of paying homage to his self-titled debut which came out 20 years ago. 

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I'm sure you already saw it, but I'm so glad Usher did the ALS challenge. He wasn't shirtless but damn he's cute.

I did see it and in usual Usher fashion pertaining to his Instagram videos, it was quite dramatic with the slowmo camera and other effects. Did you see how much ice was poured out? Now that was a real ice bucket challenge! He probably needed it after all the rehearsals he’s been doing for Sunday’s VMAs.

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the stupids who claim they don't know usher is going to be like "what the hell is ur" they're not even gonna put an abbreviation on it or count it as initials. :/ i don't see how u don't know usher... it's pure lack of knowledge in music. smh. I hate seeing comments like that anywhere. It makes me mad. :(

Well then, pay them no mind. 

Usher’s MTV VMA History

Usher has made a record of three appearances at the MTV Video Music Awards. In 2002, he shared the stage as a guest performer for P. Diddy (I Need A Girl, Part I) alongside Pharrell and Busta Rhymes (Pass The Courvoisier, Part II). He followed things up two years later as a main performer (while accompanied by Lil Jon and Ludacris) with a memorable medley of Confessions and Yeah!, which were some of the biggest hits of 2004. His third appearance came in 2011 with a mashup of his hit singles, DJ’s Got Us Falling In Love and OMG while showing off his dance moves to a a dazzling synchronised light display. 

Want to see what Usher will bring to the iconic VMA stage this year? Tune in to MTV this Sunday at 9/8c!


Usher | Honey Nut Cheerios | Body Language

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According to that Honey Nut Cheerios commercial starring Usher - His new album will be called: "UR"

Now, I don’t know if that’s the official name…but it was in the commercial!

I like the simplicity of it. What are your thoughts?

You know, I actually quite like it. At least it’s not that BS “Everything You Can Imagine” the radio was reporting some days back :)

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